BYOND is an audio / midi programming environment for musicans and software developers.

Why should you use it?
  • Are you interested in writing your own VST / Standalone instruments or effects, sequencers or controller?
  • Do you want to learn something about digital audio processing?
  • You have interesting ideas on how to create artificial music?
If you can answer one of there questions with "yes", then you should have a look at BYOND which means: Build Your Own Device

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Tutorial Video: Have a look at the Getting Started tutorial video on Youtube:

// Let's build a monophonic, extremely cheap synthesizer :)


NoteOn(note => {
	var angle = 0d;
	var voice = Voice(() => {
		angle += 2 * Math.PI / SampleRate * 50d * (int)note.Pitch;
		var value = Math.Sin(angle) * 0.3d;
		Out(0, value);
		Out(1, value);

	NoteOff((upKey, evt) => {
		if(upKey.Pitch == note.Pitch) {


Byond is an environment for programatic creation and manipulation of audio and midi. It's available as VST plugin or standalone application. Musical patches are written in a Microsoft language called "C#" and a user interface technology called WPF.

Using Byond, you can create your own instruments like drum machines, sampler, compressors, EQs, synthesizers, but also effects or devices to control other synths. Alternatives to Byond are listed on Wikipedia:

Installation and Prerequisites

  • The VST version requires the VC++ 2010 Redistributable package that can be downloaded from Microsoft.
  • You need the .Net Framework 4
  • You have to Unblock the downloaded and expanded files from Windows Explorer in order to use BYOND.

If you have these prerequisites fulfilled, you can copy the Synth and Effect folder in your VST directory or run the Standalone version directly.

API Reference

Download the latest BYOND package and have a look at the Docu folder. The programing language is C# and the UI technology is WPF. You can find many sources on the net for getting started.

Quick Start and Tutorials

The BYOND default library contains a lot of samples and tutorials that should explain most of the features.

Current status

BYOND is still a beta, but you can already use it and I hope it makes fun. The API is quite stable, but there may be some changes in the future. The VST version is quite experimental right now, but I hope to get it better in the future.

HELP wanted

Are you an experienced DSP developer? You could provide basic stuff like EQs, reverbs, compressors or whatever to expand the BYOND library. Please mail me if you are interested.


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